Co-Founder and Creative Director, Marc Keiser
Keiser Clark—the Los Angeles-based ready-to-wear label holds a distinct approach to clothing design and fabrication. Co-founders Marc Keiser and Andrew Clark began by creating one-off leather jackets in Los Angeles in 2016. That was the start of garment experimentation and reinterpretation for the duo leading them to establish Keiser Clark in 2017.

Embracing a distinct neo-noir aesthetic, the brand combines lush California style with thematic elements from Creative Director Keiser's library of music and film. Yet, Keiser Clark’s gritty nocturnal glamour goes beyond the dive-bar leathers and warehouse rave jeans of Los Angeles' seedy underbelly. Beneath the label's visual edge, a human instinct flourishes. Nostalgic references and deeply personal sentiments of past remembrances and anecdotes carry throughout, fostering connection and community.

The brand's allure is in its wearable intent fused with its distinctively noir styling and meticulous luxury finishes. This combination continues to drive top stylists, celebrities, and global retailers to take part in this beautifully dark fantasy that is Keiser Clark.